Reunion Luncheon at Tech


Recently, we asked Dr. Louise Jones, Tech's  Principal, if it would be possible to have the Golden Techites reunion luncheon at the school. She sent the following in response to our request.

"I am sure we can work something out.  Right now any event we have on campus, we have to do a safety plan  and submit to central office for approval.  As time goes by, everything seems to be opening up more.  Please let me know some possible dates and we will try to reserve an appropriate area of the school for the event."

Now, we need to determine how many would like to come.  We know the1950 and 1951 graduates were not able to hold their 70th reunion. A reunion at Tech will make those anniversaries special as will seeing other classmates.

Please respond to the survey as soon as possible, but no later than July 10th.

Enjoy the summer! 

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1)   * In what decade is your class year?

2)   * Would you plan to attend the reunion at Tech?

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3)   If you can attend, how many guests would accompany you?

4)   Please indicate your preference on when you could attend.

  Spring of 2022
  Summer of 2022
  Fall of 2022
  Anytime a date can be arranged
5)   Would you be interested in a guided tour of the school the day before or the day after the reunion?

6)   Would you like to speak with students and teachers at the Reunion?

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7)   How much time would you need to make arrangements if you are attending the reunion?

  One month
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8)   Please provide any suggestions regarding the reunion even if you are not planning to attend.

9)   Would you attend the McKinley Tech Alumni Cookout on September 18, 2021?

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10)   Would you attend the McKinley Tech Alumni Dinner/Dance on Nov. 27, 2021?

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