Techite Profiles (1925)

     In Memory: 2
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 2
   Restricted to Techites only


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Abraham Alloy
Richard E. Beale    
Howard Bishop
James Bock
Margarett Caruthers (Mitchell)
John Derrick
Hazel Detwiler (Scaife)
Paul Donovan
Orrin Eadie
Ralph. Elliott
Henry Herzog
John V Hinkel
Bernard Holt
William Holt
George Howser
Charles Koons
Benjamin P. Lafsky    
Thomas O'Halloran
Frank Opperman
Margaret Palmer
Elizabeth Pisani (Mcnulty)
Wilson Ragsdale
Herbert Reichelt
Robert Stollar
Corine Wafle (Stone)
Charles Waters
Charles Willmuth
Augustine Winnemore
Mary Young
Thomas Zeverley

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