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Catherine E. Audia (Lally) (Class Of 1946)
Edith Becker (Chase) (Class Of 1948)
Catherine Beller (Class Of 1941)
Fred Bolton (Class Of 1947)
Helen Carter (Sulkovsky) (Class Of 1940)
Helen Cuplin (Ross) (Class Of 1943)
Robert L. Hardey (Class Of 1941)
Robert (Bob) Jennings (Class Of 1939)
Kent G. Jones, Jr. (Class Of 1941)
Ralph "Skip" Kemp (Class Of 1943)
Raleigh G Koiner Jr (Class Of 1935)
Louis Landi (Class Of 1947)
Francis Lentini (Class Of 1943)
Maurice Lucchesi (Class Of 1937)
Phyllis Mattingly (Evans) (Class Of 1946)
Robert McCarthy (Class Of 1947)
Malcolm Mellington, Jr. (Class Of 1940)
Diane Mitchell (Hill) (Class Of 1961)
James A. Nesmith, III (Class Of 1959)
Daniel J. O'Donnell (Class Of 1956)
Sue Pfeffer (Cassidy) (Class Of 1954)
Patricia Ann Sazama (Smith) (Class Of 1947)
Carolyn Scudder (King) (Class Of 1945)
John V. Sinnett (Class Of 1953)
Cecilia Uline (Shellman) (Class Of 1939)
Ralph Vallone (Class Of 1954)
Milton J. Weinstein (Class Of 1942)
Elizabeth J. (Betty) Williams (Wynn) (Class Of 1941)
Raymond Wingate (Class Of 1940)
Irwin Zarin (Class Of 1949)

Phyllis Aikin (Herde) (Class Of 1942)
Caroline Albert (Schaller) (Class Of 1933)
Erna Anderson (Mollari) (Class Of 1942)
Marie Antonelli (Medeiros) (Class Of 1945)
Joanne Bentz (Figl) (Class Of 1951)
John Broderick, Jr (Class Of 1944)
Robert Lee Brubaker (Class Of 1941)
Louis Cecchini (Class Of 1938)
Regina "Jean" Charles (Price) (Class Of 1949)
Raymond D Cleaver, Jr. (Class Of 1948)
Joseph "Bob" Coffren (Class Of 1942)
Carolyn Colabucci (Costa) (Class Of 1940)
James J. Duffy, Jr. (Class Of 1954)
Richard Dyer (Class Of 1951)
Norio Endo (Class Of 1952)
John Firmin (Class Of 1931)
Eleanor Fischer (Solomon) (Class Of 1944)
Albert Carl Gasperow (Class Of 1934)
Lloyd Geiser (Class Of 1947)
Margaret Graham (Kranking) (Class Of 1947)
John H. Harvill (Class Of 1943)
Harry Hazlehurst, III (Class Of 1950)
Richard Herman (Class Of 1948)
Samuel Herold (Class Of 1945)
Andrew Husser (Class Of 1942)
Sarah (Betty) Jones (Mooney) (Class Of 1948)
John W. Kezer (Class Of 1941)
Ethel Klavan (Rosenbloom) (Class Of 1946)
James A Livesay Jr (Class Of 1940)
John Mallon (Class Of 1947)
Robert Minor (Class Of 1951)
Charles F Murray, Sr. (Class Of 1950)
Lorraine Parks (Rosenbloom) (Class Of 1948)
Gloria Peel (Lee) (Class Of 1953)
Barbara Petri (Donaldson) (Class Of 1951)
Richard F. Purcell (Class Of 1940)
Joanne R. Rice (Shugars) (Class Of 1954)
John Ricks (Class Of 1952)
Phillips Clarke Rogers, Sr. (Class Of 1945)
Joan "Muffy" Rutherford (Bond) (Class Of 1938)
Jean Elizabeth Shriver (Showalter) (Class Of 1941)
Jean Souder (Bourne) (Class Of 1946)
John F Thompson (Class Of 1942)
Douglas Trittipoe (Class Of 1947)
Edward Henry Vollmer (Class Of 1943)
Barbara Ellen Waller (McNeal) (Class Of 1941)
Elva Rae Williams (Leins) (Class Of 1949)
Charles T Wolz (Class Of 1941)

Dorothy Bennett (Newsome) (Class Of 1941)
Katherine Biggs (Class Of 1935)
Charles Clark (Class Of 1950)
Frank Davis (Class Of 1934)
Margaret (Peggy) Divelbiss (White) (Class Of 1939)
Joan Grambow (Kneussl) (Class Of 1949)
Thelma Koerber (Nicol) (Class Of 1938)
Denise Leach (Stephenson) (Class Of 1948)
Betty Mellen (Cheseldine) (Class Of 1942)
Anthony J. Mileo (Class Of 1956)
Betty Jane Owen (Rizley) (Class Of 1946)
Jackie Petro (Oliff) (Class Of 1949)
Gerald (Jerry) Poulsen (Class Of 1951)
Nora Sue Scheig (Horton) (Class Of 1937)
Nancy Ann Taylor (Hudson) (Class Of 1955)
Sybil Wilson (Hetherington) (Class Of 1939)

Francis (Gene) Baker, Jr (Class Of 1951)
James D Flanagan (Class Of 1946)
Chester Guild (Class Of 1945)
Fletcher Houck, Jr. (Class Of 1943)
James Kranking (Class Of 1944)
William Sampselle (Class Of 1940)
Thomas Slater (Class Of 1949)
Evelyn Stuart (Skelley) (Class Of 1931)
W Raymond Wannall (Class Of 1936)

Doris Gola (Eshenbaugh) (Class Of 1953)
Dorothy Higdon (Carroll) (Class Of 1936)
Jean Ann Naylor (Dauber) (Class Of 1950)
Jerry Saidman (Class Of 1942)
Elizabeth Smittskamp (Virts) (Class Of 1934)

Mildred April (Kaminsky) (Class Of 1930)
B Audelle Beard (McClanahan) (Class Of 1938)
George Calevas (Class Of 1932)
Dolores Colvin (Pasta) (Class Of 1948)
George Cornell (Class Of 1936)
Lottie Costantino (Crowder) (Class Of 1940)
Shirley Dillon (Canter) (Class Of 1947)
Margaret Dimond (Wilkinson) (Class Of 1948)
Richard Draper (Class Of 1933)
John Duvall (Class Of 1933)
John Evans (Class Of 1936)
Eleanor Gallogly (Class Of 1935)
Doris Gammon (Gamble) (Class Of 1938)
Fernleigh (Red) Graninger (Class Of 1934)
Sidney Greenway (Class Of 1948)
William Haag (Class Of 1948)
Vaughan (Jim) Harford, Jr. (Class Of 1937)
Lee Hawkins (Class Of 1932)
Alice Joy Lankford (Webster) (Class Of 1936)
Margaret Libonati (Hickey) (Class Of 1947)
Stanley Mast (Class Of 1949)
Joseph Mathy (Class Of 1933)
Argentina (Tina) Meli (Constantino) (Class Of 1940)
Bernice Nalley (Richardson) (Class Of 1938)
Leda Nicol (Sweet) (Class Of 1946)
Frances Palumbo (Logan) (Class Of 1946)
Peggy Pullin (Sullivan) (Class Of 1948)
Forrest Rabenhorst (Class Of 1933)
Margaret Roberts (Abernathy, M. D. ) (Class Of 1947)
Peggy Jean Rogers (Burkett) (Class Of 1948)
Sara Smallwood (Seymour) (Class Of 1940)
Robert Stevens (Class Of 1946)
Frank Stutz (Class Of 1927)
Ann Taylor (Wall) (Class Of 1945)
Joseph Tippett, Jr (Class Of 1947)
Robert Truax (Class Of 1934)
David Wallace (Class Of 1935)
William Werber, Jr (Class Of 1926)
Richard Whelton, M D (Class Of 1939)
Robert (Bob) Wright (Class Of 1939)
Rosalie Yurko (McQuade) (Class Of 1947)

Roger Moser Jr (Class Of 1940)

Mary Ball (White) (Class Of 1949)
Vincent K. "Ken" Elmore (Class Of 1955)

Emanuel J Ballos (Class Of 1943)

Robert Fetner (Class Of 1941)

Betty Jean Brand (Reynolds) (Class Of 1944)

Arthur Newsome (Class Of 1941)

Richard Hollander (Class Of 1940)

John Crumit (Class Of 1934)

Chalmers Judson (Juddy) Groff (Class Of 1947)

Reba Will

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